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FDO and A on KATG

During the East Coast Tour, the FDØ and I rolled on through New York City. Not only did I show His Evilness™ some of the sights from my old stomping grounds (that’s right, I’m a New York Irish girl), but we also were invited to be guests on the fantastic Keith & The Girl Show.

This award-winning, daily comedy show is one of the first-ever podcasts, and continues to be one of the most popular. Keith and Chemda are always awesome to hang out with.

So, Junkies, here’s the hour-long show! I am busy preparing for SiglerFest 2k12, so Scott did the intro for me. We hope you dig it!

WARNING: This is not safe for work content! Keith has a potty mouth!

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  1. scottsigler

    Glad you dug it. Yeah, it’s hard being a moderate in this space — if you hate on anything Republican/Conservative, that’s good for links and followers.

  2. brain_dead

    Almost an hour of pure win, however once Keith degraded the conversation into an incredibly misinformed tirade against Mittens Romney and our political system as a whole, it became quite hard to listen too. That being said Scott, A, and Chemda were a joy to listen too.

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