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FridayFix • Dogs in Costumes

Friends, I’ll be honest: this FridayFix™ serves mostly as a vehicle for me to post all these adorable photos of the Dog of Døøm, Reesie the Piece, and her best pal Stella.

No great insights into running a small business, no tips on how to get more writing in your day. But a goodly amount of pics of these adorable pups. And a grousing Future Dark Overlord who can’t help but smile at his tiny Princess Leia.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

IMG_0085 IMG_5013 IMG_5741
IMG_3666 Reester IMG_3277

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  1. jokerdas

    First things first… Being a huge Star Wars nerd, I think the Leia and Vader costumes are AWESOME!!!

    Now, that being said, I think dressing your dog, cat, lizard, horse, heck even your pet rock, is fine. Scott, you said they can’t give their consent? I disagree! A dog grants consent to be dressed if they do not turn and bite your face off during the dressing process! Reesie didn’t approve of being a taco, but Amy still lives after everything else, so, yeah, she consented.

    But A! You agree with the consent party, but you started Reesie would need to wear a birthday hat even though she may not like it! Really? You would force it upon her because it’s her birthday and you think she would look adorable?

    Finally, be careful what you ask for, Scott. I bet SOMEONE can have a full non-fabric doggie AT-AT suit designed and created in no time!

  2. billstar2

    I say that Scott and I should start our own society. People Against Non-Consenting Costuming(or Cosplay) of Dogs(PANCCOP). Dog lovers unite against this cause,

  3. Asher Samuels

    Ever since I read No Roses for Harry! as a kid, I have steadfastly believed that dogs should not wear costumes, sweaters, or funny clothing.

    I will admit that dogs might need boots in the winter so that their paws aren’t damaged by salt on the ground.

  4. Killie

    Omg I love Reesie & Stella in drag they are super cute. We regularly dress our cats up in costumes and hats. They hate it but we trade them treats for humiliation! S

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