FridayFix™: Dark Øverlord Paperbacks!

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THE ROOKIE & THE STARTER paperback deal!

Junkies, don your armor and grab your weapons, because the GFL series is about to invade bookstores all over the US and Canada.

We’re thrilled to announce the creation of Dark Øverlord Paperbacks, an imprint of Diversion Books. Dark Overlord/Diversion will publish trade paperback versions of THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER, which are scheduled to hit stores on August 7, 2012.

And yeah, all-new covers. Bøøm. We’re wicked like that.

Take a listen to the short interview Scott and I did with Scott Waxman, Chairman and Co-founder of Diversion Books to learn all about this exciting news. The audio is a bit wonky in a couple of places, but we thought it was worth it to share the good news quickly.

This is one more step on our quest for world døminatiøn. The US and Canada will be the first to fall. All your bookstores are belong to us.

Here’s a link to the press release at Diversion Books.

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  1. NeilColquhoun

    Scott and A – this is a fantastic leap forward, and I congratulate the move. I imagine this has always been a goal to give more people an opportunity to be involved in the GFL universe, as well as expanding your reach (and keeping you accustomed in the style you are getting used to…!).

    Now those hardcovers that we all have purchased will look even more delectable, collectable, desirable – need I go on with all these  “…ables”…?

    WIll they be available on Amazon etc, as I would like to purchase them and reside in the UK?


  2. Kefo_of_The_Mountain

    Just take my money,

    Just take all of it,  Take it…. TAKE IT!!!!
    More books to buy… must buy… my skybox library shelf must have all books by the great FDO.
    Kefo of the Mountain,
    Skybox #18, Ionath Stadium 
  3. ThMaggot

    This is freaking sweet. This means more people can discover the GFL books that wouldn’t it also makes more economic products for those that don’t wanna pay loads anddddd it adds value and makes our hardcovers even more bad ass. I assume the books will be on amazon and will ship internationally e.g. UK. Also, have fun putting that slab of a book that we know as the All-Pro into a paperback that shucker will be longer than king’s the stand. 

  4. steffiebaby140

    I think I just inhaled bagel with glee…that’s how truly awesome this is!  New covers, and PBs!  Can I pre-order now?  Please, please, please?!

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