FridayFix™: “Cribs” visits the new Lair of Døøm

For those that grew up with MTV and love the ridiculousness of “Cribs,” we give you a look at the new Lair of Doom, all MTV-style. Author, or international super-producer? You be the judge. And man, you should have seen this place when we moved in. Broken windows, black walls, floor boards rotted out, and don’t even ask what the kitchen looked like. We fixed it up, and now Dark Øverlord North never looked so good.

Click here to download the video.

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    1. Twainy

      Krakens dinnerware & glasses? I don’t remember seeing the bathroom. Is the throne solid gold … noooooo … PLATINUM … with a Kraken embellished & padded seat? OK … sadly, I think I’m sleepy again. Booty juice. LMAO … at the very least GIANT orange coffee mugs with, you guessed it, Krakens on the front & Booty Juice on the back! x

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