FridayFix™: BONES ARE WHITE is now available!

Today’s FridayFix™ is officially sharing the news that BONES ARE WHITE is available in most ebook outlets. With the timing of NOCTURNAL‘s release, we kind of snuck this one out there without much fanfare, so I’m making sure y’all know.

You can snag a copy here in our store, or at your favorite ebook outlet. We’ve distributed them to iTunes, Amazon, nook, Sony and the like,
but they have varying timelines for publication — so if you don’t see it yet at your favorite place, please know that’s on their end, not mine, and I can’t help much.

Buy from us: Bones are White
• ePub format for Nook, Kobo and Sony eReader
• mobi format for Kindle

Get it directly from the Kindle store: Bones Are White

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  1. LadyBane

    Finished it! Fabulous. I like the big range of different types of
    stories but I think my fave was Passenger, though Chuckles Mulrooney did
    make me chuckle and Eusocial Networking reminded me a little of a movie
    I watched as a kid that is etched in my head… don’t want to spoil
    anything but I have visions of a man and a horse being eaten alive.

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