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ANCESTOR is finished, and now it’s time for the assault of Junkie questions. We took questions from email, Twitter, Facebook and this very site, and we’re ready to give you the answers. The FDO™ and I jumped on Skype for a remote interview. As usual, it’s very difficult to keep him on-topic, but I did my best. If you still have questions, feel free to call 206-666-GORE (4673) or email and we’ll answer them in a future FridayFix™. saves you 10% on medications for your dog, cat, bird or family pet
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  1. Stormy

    l know…

    …that you’d like to be able to shop the GN to one of the major comic book publishers (or hell, even a decent mid-lister), but is there some legal loop you can jump through where we pre-order, you get the arm-leg-and-first-children-of-devoted-Junkies money for a colourist, and we get once-off uber-special copies (hardcover and all the good shit), but since it’s such a very limited release, it won’t be a mark against them getting it first? (I don’t know, maybe call it test marketing?).

  2. initialdescent

    Dead = Dead

    I want this t-shirt.  I am so tired of books, comic books, and TV shows killing off characters and then bringing them back.  It ruins the impact of the sacrifice the character made (or the sacrifices other characters made in killing that character off).

  3. Troystory3

    Graphic Novel love.

    What, we have pages of a graphic novel just setting on a shelf somewhere?!?!? Argh, I am dying here. Where/How could we see some of that action?

    Seriously, if money is an issue for more graphic novels to come out, have you thought about ‘crowd-sourcing’ to get the money needed? Much like preordering, I know of websites like or that can help organize such an effort. I would definately throw a few dollars in to see more of those things come to life


    Check out my podcast at!

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