FridayFix™: 2683 GFL Tier One Teams! (Part 2 of 4)

Play hard, and leave it all on the field.

THE STARTER is less than a month away now. The FDO™ and I have made the lists, checked them twice. He’s practicing his signature, and I’m assigning numbers to names and printing labels like mad.

Continuing from last week’s post, here are the next three Tier One teams who will face the Krakens in THE STARTER. (Actually, the Wabash Wolfpack is in here somewhere also, but y’all have already seen that one.)

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To Pirates
by Scott E Pond
Lu Juggernauts
by Ben Clifford

Alimum Armada

by Steve Henry

I’m keeping this entry short due to the recent wonkiness on the site, but click through to Flickr to see them all.

If you haven’t ordered yours, get on that. Personalization available only until 8/20/2010, and you don’t want to miss out.

Whose house is it? Whose house? Oh, yes. OUR HOUSE.

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  1. Scott

    BOOM Baboom!

    Glad you’re digging it. Always happy to snag another fan from the Nerdist. No interplanetary prison escape books just yet, but damn, that’s just gotta happen sometime in the future.

  2. Beth_Ailis

    Who had the cafepress store?

    Seems like some demand for GFL stuff is likely — it would rock to have a To Pirates t-shirt. Nice job, all — but I do especially  like the blood/gore in the Pirates logo.

    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  3. Lone_Ghost_Jinn

    Tier One Logos

    Man, did I get lucky and score!  I got to take the To Pirates as my team in the fantasy league and what a rockin’ logo!  Keep up the great work.

  4. Baboom_Thunderbuns

    Rookie for the Rookie

    Brand spankin’ new Junkie here.  Heard you on the Nerdist podcast and decided to give The Rookie a whirl on podcast.  Totally rocked it dude.  Can’t wait for the new book to see what Tier 1 is like – but I’m guessing it will be brutal..

    I’m digging the Lu Juggernauts as it fits the vision I painted mentally of that race when I was listening to the podcast.  Keep tearing it up Scott.  You have a new fan for life.


    If only Sigler can do a book on escaping an interplanetary prison, I’d be in Vegas the following weekend.

  5. ScottEPond

    Straight Poop???

    Thanks Bella! I’d love to make a jersey of this… maybe something for me to save up for and do a custom one-shot for myself.

    [flickr-photo:id=4872769926,size=m] • [flickr-photo:id=4872123139,size=m] • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  6. ScottEPond

    Who’s the Pansy Now??? 😉

    I like this version of it… though I was a little partial to the one I turned in with the lower jaws as well… but I’m very pleased with the sans-jaws version as well!

    [flickr-photo:id=4872769926,size=m] • [flickr-photo:id=4872123139,size=m] • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  7. BigJohn


    I guess the GFL in the future is a little less concerned about the graphic portrayal of blood/injury as a logo…perhaps this will be the start of the awesomization of the NFL logos? The baltimore raven with an eye in its mouth; The oakland raiders pirate with no eyepatch, just a vacant hole; the washington redskin indian on a casino chip.

    Bring ’em on!



    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

  8. Belladonna420


    The Pirates logo is the straight poop!!!!  The others are great too, but I’m with Athanas.  That would make for a kick-ass jersey!
    Head Biker Babe of the Chang Bangers Bike Club, Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer & Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren

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