FridayFix™: 2683 GFL Tier One Teams! (Part 1 of 4)

Are you ready for some football?

With the first 2010 NFL Preseason game this Sunday, and the publication date for THE STARTER just over a month away, it’s getting pretty giddy around the Lair of Døøm™. We’ve acquired a Warehouse of Døøm (South) and lots and lots of shipping supplies, and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of THE STARTER pallets.

To celebrate, we’re going to introduce you to the Tier One Teams, three at a time, over the next few weeks. The first three teams to meet the Ionath Krakens in battle this season?

football, NFL, reading, scifi, godfather, any given sunday, Star Wars

football, NFL, reading, scifi, godfather, any given sunday, Star Wars football, NFL, reading, scifi, godfather, any given sunday, Star Wars
Isis Ice Storm
by Len Peralta
Themala Dreadnaughts
by Scott E Pond
Shorah Warlords
by Scott E Pond

I had the good fortune to meet Len Peralta at Comic Con, and spend some time with him and his fabulous wife. If you’re coming to Dragon*Con, you can catch Len and Sigler together on a the “Podcasts and Marketing to the Masses” panel.

And if you’re digging the Dreadnaughts & Warlords logos, rest assured this isn’t the last we’ll see of ScottEPond, as he’s got two more winning Tier One logos.

If you haven’t ordered yours, get on that. Personalization available only until 8/20/2010, and you don’t want to miss out.

Whose house? OUR HOUSE!

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  1. ScottEPond

    Thanks Kali!

    Always nice to get a nod from you….   Laughing
    [flickr-photo:id=4872769926,size=m] • [flickr-photo:id=4872123139,size=m] • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  2. NeilColquhoun

    Yeah, more cards would be ideal.

    I agree. Some more of those cards would be ideal.

    I gave the last lot to some readers and told them all about the site, the books, audiobooks etc – basically spreading the word.

  3. ImprobableJoe

    ANCESTOR cards

    I’ve already preordered THE STARTER, so if you want to throw some extra cards in the package, I’ll be glad to jam them into books at all of the big bookstores in my area.

  4. Scott

    Details and intent

    Glad you’re digging the details. A and I bust our asses to make the best product we can, and to build a universe that will be totally real and believable when we finish in 6-5 more years. All the details go into that.

    And as for intent of the ANCESTOR cards, do whatever you wanna do with ’em (as long as you’re spreading the word, that’s the point). Gracias!

  5. ImprobableJoe

    Awesome Logos!

    See, this is the reason that I’m on board for everything Sigler. There’s not screwing around here… this is a complete universe, and the details keep getting filled in. There’s so much effort put into every detail that it makes our commitment as fans feel like it is matched by both Sigler and the folks who help him produce the books. 

    I don’t mind investing my own effort and energy towards something when I feel it is more than matched by the creator. Bravo, Scott! You effing rock!

    Also, I want more of those Ancestor cards that I got with my copy of “The Rookie”… I got four, and I went down to the local big-box bookstore and jammed those cards into copies of a popular horror bestseller. I wasn’t sure what the intent was, but I was sure that my use of those cards had a possibility of adding to the book sales, and I want everyone to share in reading these books.  

  6. ScottEPond

    Hey PDFD!

    That was the intent. Basic Hurrah shape with black and purple tattoos for the leader.

    [flickr-photo:id=4730644738,size=m] • SciFiGeek2.0 • Artist for the Damned • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  7. Scott

    A mistake on the recordkeepers’ part

    There are two teams from Shorah, the Chieftains and the Warlords. The Chieftain are in Tier Two, in the Harrah Conference.

  8. PerfectDayForDying

    BTW, is that logo

    a stylized Hurrah? It looks pretty much exactly like how I picture them in my head, minus the crazy coloring. 

    **Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene’s Pizza!**

  9. UnknownVariable

    As owner of the Themela dreadnauts:

    I approve of this Logo! Awesome job Scott!




    Owner of the Themela Dreadnaughts

    All Hail the FDØ!

  10. w_nightshade


    Why, Ibelieve that you mean to say OUR HOUSE!  The colour insert is slammin’.  And I am not just saying that because I worked on it.   [-Seth Hanisek, Fullback, Woo Wallcrawlers (#152, p171 bitches!)]

  11. Gmork


    I love the collaborative nature of the logos. Awesome art made by the fans that care about the story.
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

  12. Beth_Ailis


    Nicely done guys. Can’t wait to see the rest of the logos. I’m ready for some Tier 1 football!!!!

    Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

  13. ScottEPond

    NOW I’m getting even more excited…

    I am SO looking forward to this book… it’s gonna be so chocked full of absolute rawkness and grooviness that I fear the titanium and kevlar composite binding may not be strong enough to contain it!

    Remember boys and girls… Safety first… Always wear your safety glasses when viewing the awesomeness that is the FDO’s literary genius!

    [flickr-photo:id=4730644738,size=m] • SciFiGeek2.0 • Artist for the Damned • Linebacker for the Mars Planets

  14. Gatorrock

    Looks great…

    Liking them so far, figure I’ll love them all except 1 (I’m highly biased on my wife’s Chillich Spider Bears logo, sorry!) Looking forward to the next 3 weeks …

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