FridayFix™: 2012 Tour Schedule!

Scott’s 2012 tour and appearance schedule has been set! Check out all the fun below as we set up a little West Coast vs. East Coast rivalry! There will be freebies for pre-ordering both NOCTURNAL and THE MVP, freebies for showing up at a tour stop, and even a treat for whichever coast makes the best showing once both tours are done. You’re really going to want to listen to all these details Junkie, so I’m not even going to mention the big secret news about Scott maybe buying stock in Hostess to save the chocodile.*

*Disclaimer: Scott did not buy stock. Chocodiles are kind of gross.

2012 Sigler Tours: Tupac vs. Biggie

April 2012: The Tupac Tour (WEST SIIEEEEDD!) to support NOCTURNAL:
Pre-ordering at any of these stores is easy and qualifies you for prizes! Click the links and support your local stores if you’re coming out to any of these stops!

April 2, 7:00pm: San Francisco, CA at Borderlands Books
April 4, 7:00pm: Seattle, WA at Elliott Bay Books
April 5, 7:00pm: Portland, OR at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

April 6, 7:30pm: Los Angeles, CA at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach

April 7, 2:00pm: San Diego, CA at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego

April 8, 2:00pm: Phoenix, AZ at Changing Hands in Tempe

April 9, 7:00pm: Dallas, TX at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park
April 10, 6:30pm: Houston, TX at Murder By The Book

May 25 – 28, 2012: Dark Øverlord Media attends Balticon 46!

September 2012: The Biggie Tour (EAST SIIEEEEDD!) to support THE MVP:
These dates and cities have been set. Bookstores and bars not listed will be announced this summer.
August 31, 3:00pm: Atlanta, GA at Dragon*Con.
September 4: Raleigh, NC
September 5: Washington, D.C.
September 6: Bethlehem, PA (hometown of the Diva øf Design, MsInformation.)
September 7: New York City
September 8: Pittsburgh, PA
September 9: Chicago, IL
September 10: Grand Rapids, MI

October 12 & 13, 2012: SiglerFest 2012 in Las Vegas, NV

November 2 – 4, 2012: Scott is a Featured Guest at ConVolution in Burlingame, CA

There are a few cool giveaways to be had:
Pre-order both NOCTURNAL and THE MVP before April 1, 2012 to receive a free ebook of the novella THE REPORTER by Mur Lafferty. This novella follows Yolanda Davenport on her quest to prove Ju Tweedy is innocent of Grace McDermot’s murder.

Show up at any tour stop this year and receive a free ebook of
THE DETECTIVE by Matt Wallace. This one following the exploits of Frederico Esteban Guiseppe Gonzaga as he tracks down the family of Quentin Barnes.

Last, whichever coast has the best attendance will earn one last cool giveaway. So show your East Coast/West Coast pride and come on out for a chance to get even more cool stuff for free!

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  1. Beth_Ailis

    All right! Dragon*Con and the FDO and A – my favorite weekend of the year! Got the Friday meet-up on my schedule. See you at the Pulse. What other Junkies are coming to D*C this year?

  2. GeeRace

    When and where do us non-attendees get a chance on getting THE DETECTIVE by Matt Wallace?  I was ready to take a day off to head to Denver, but low and behold…Not on the list(sigh) So when can I pur-chase it?

  3. scottsigler

    Frustrating for you and for us both. Every time we tour, we get people asking us to come to their town. Then when we do, invariably someone in that town says “it’s the one day I’m travelling!” Sucks. 

  4. ScottEPond

    Awwww yeah! EAST SIIEEEEDD

    Now I just need to decide which stop(s) I’m gonna be able to make it to… maybe Bethlehem, NYC, or Pittsburg… decisions decisions…
  5. Phoenixfire

    Trying to figure out if Chicago or Grand Rapids is going to be within my range as they are almost the same pain in the ass travel wise from me but will bust but to be there.

  6. MuchAdo

    Well John, I can tell you Murder by the Book does.  But like everyone else says, just take your book to the bar and Scott will sign it there if you don’t want to buy another one.  When I go to MBTB I always buy a second copy because they are an independent book store.  Not sure I would do the same for a big name book store that has stores globally. 🙂

  7. Gmork

    In my experience, it depends on the bookstore – they usually do, however they’ll let you bring however many more as long as you buy the one from them. And remember, the FDO signs stuff for you at the bar … on the hood of a car… at dinner… doesn’t matter. He’s cool like that.

  8. Dan652

    I really hope to make the NYC event. keeping my fingers crossed that I’m not on travel that week. Scott – I will have a stack of books to get signed :), but to be nice I will also buy at least one from the sponsoring book store.

  9. huntoonc

    What if I live within spitting distance of DC, but enjoy the gruesome side of our FDO better?  I wanna be West Coast, but the only possibility is DC.  NOCTURNAL…nummy…might be just because I’ve always been more of a horror fanatic than a sports person.

    I’m marking my calender for the DC visit, but will be rooting for Nocturnal in my heart.

  10. steffiebaby140

     Now all I have to do is figure out how to get from work to the Mission….I know it shouldn’t seem like its hard, but this is me here, I need GPS to get home half the time!  I will figure this out cause I’ll be damned if I miss another SF event!  I might even take the train to work that day so I don’t have to worry about when I get home, and take the next day off work

  11. MuchAdo

    Come on down Gmork.  You know you want to visit H-town and H-town wants you to visit. 🙂  Besides, if you come to Houston and go to one on the east coast, you are guaranteed to be a winner. 🙂

  12. RapidEye

    Friggen Awesome!  The Dark Overlord is _FINALLY_ coming to Raleigh!  Putting the 4th down on my calendar now.  I’m hoping Mighty Mur shows too – its practically in her back yard =-)

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