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FridayFix • Songs that transport you

On this week’s FridayFix, I ask Scott to name one song, just one, that transports him back to another time in his life. I named one song too. To no one’s surprise, our answers are quite different. To everyone’s surprise, I’m adding a video to the show notes of Scott dancing.


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  1. Mark Zaricor

    My song is Money for Nothing. It brings me back to a day when me and some friends skipped school. I have no idea what was different about this song over anything else, but when this song came on the radio, we all picked up our air instruments and went to town. Fantastic time.

  2. Twainy

    I am at work. I thought I was hearing voices. Totally creeped me out. Love it! … I like the top 5 played songs, I downloaded an APP. I Think it lied!!! How embarrassing!!! Thrift Shop is catchy. And apparently my top 5 lame songs are too!!

  3. Paul

    Torchwood lasted 4 seasons (2006-2011)!

    BTW, I saw the episode you referenced but didn’t recall him singing “Anything Goes”. After googling it, not bad at all!

    My song would be Layla (Derek and the Dominoes). I’ll skip the story though. Brings me straight to college (1980s) and a young woman who called me Mo to her Leyla. The song fit us way to well. At least it’s a GREAT song…

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