FridayFix • T-Shirt poll results!

We polled and we pondered. We discussed at the Office of Doom. And we’ve decided which designs we’re moving forward with, even if not all of them will make it to an actual t-shirt. We’re in a terrific spot: so many good ideas, we’ve got to see art on more than expected!

Right now, we’ll print a new Krakens t-shirt, plus one each of the non-Krakens designs and the non-GFL designs. Which ones? Sorry, you’ll have to listen to the cast. Don’t worry, it’s only ten minutes long! Ten minutes!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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    1. A Sigler

      As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Fix, we always order t-shirts in sizes small through 3XL, and we run a pre-order for two weeks prior to each print run where folks can pre-order sizes 4xl and 5xl.

      We’ve done that for every single t-shirt in the store. The reason you’re not seeing those sizes now is that the styles in the store are all more than a year after the last print run, and will be retired when they sell out. (We run each t-shirt twice if the sales are healthy enough. If it takes a very long time to sell through our inventory, we’d only run it once.)

      So, what about our linebacker-sized fans? We take care of them every time we print t-shirts. If you’d like to be sure to get in on the next round (coming in the first few months of 2015) I’d suggest you sign up for the newsletter so you know when we’re opening up pre-order. Then you’ll be all set.

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