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FridayFix • GFL Video Game (not)

On this week’s FridayFix we talk video games, and what it might take to create a Galactic Football League video game. Plus, we have a special guest!  Maria Walters, great friend to Empty Set who is *also* part of Hi Rez Studios, a game developer and publisher of the wildly successful SMITE.

Now don’t get excited — we’re not making a GFL video game. We’re just talking about what it takes to make a great game, and what it might take to get the GFL out into the world in video game format.

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  1. Jon Dickson

    I’d prefer an INFECTED game similar in style to Telltale’s The Walking Dead game (story driven but with action sequences) 🙂 wishful thinking considering I was hoping to see INFECTED in all it’s comic book glory and alas it’s never going to be 🙁

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