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FridayFix • ARCHER Spoilercast

Lucky Yates/Dr. Kreiger

Have y’all seen ARCHER?

If you haven’t, Scott and I make the case why you should. In other words: Do you want ants?

The show is funny and more than a little over-the-top. In this Spoilercast, we tell you all about the show, talk about the actors, the creator, the writing. Oh, and Scott also drops several inappropriate quotes from the show. Which is appropriate. Literally.

We were also delighted to get a stinger from actor Lucky Yates, who plays Dr. Kreiger on the show. Yeah, we name-drop (she said, name-droppingly).
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  1. Jen Tackitt

    Any time Mallory says “And that’s how we get ants…” just cracks me up.

    Also, Cheryl’s name used to be Carol but Archer never could remember it so she’s finally just gone along with it and everyone calls her Cheryl… too funny.

    Always loved the show, glad to hear others out there that get it.

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