Transporter Private Cloud Storage

Transporter Private Cloud Storage

This week’s Friday Fix is a hybrid — it’s also about one of our advertisers. We’ve recently started using Transporter private cloud storage as our primary storage for all the audiobooks, podcasts and video that Scott’s created over the last nine years.

Scott and I chat about the pros and cons for us, and some early pitfalls Scott experienced in trying to back up 800gb of data. (That, my friends, is officially a lot of data.)

We’ve had a handful of questions from some of our creative friends, so thought it would just be easiest to share our experiences here. If you’re looking for private, secure data storage that’s easy to use and not subscription based, take fifteen minutes and listen!

Visit to learn more, and if you buy, use the coupon code SCOTT to save 10%.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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