Friday Fix: The DØM Year in Review

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Photo by Bruce PressAs has become our tradition here at Dark Øverlord Media, Scott and I sat down in December to chat about the year gone by … the year ahead … the upcoming SuperBowl Saturday sales event …

I won’t lie, Junkies, as ever, it’s been a big year for us. And a big year ahead. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Two tours, five stories published, the second annual SiglerFest, Baby McButter as a cake … just so many great things. I swear we don’t ramble. Kinda.

We shout out one meeelion people here, as it’s a whole year gone by: Scott Pond, Myke Cole, Peter Brett, Bill Prady, Joshua Bilmes, SpaceX, John Landis, Mur Lafferty, Princess Scientist, The Ice Tray, the Diva of Design, Keith and the Girl, Danny Hatch, Bella, PC Haring, Scott’s cousin Erica, the Harveys, Surly Amy Davis Roth, Starla Hutchon, and one meeeeelion more Junkies.

One thing is as true as it’s ever been: I have the best job ever, and I am lucky beyond measure that I get to work with my best friend every day.

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  1. Stormy

    Probably a bit late, but my suggestion would be “The Combine”. 😛

    As to the limited (more limited than usual) editions for the hardcover novellas, I’ve got a suggestion (probably something you’ve already thought of, but it wasn’t mentioned, so…). It might be an opportune project to do a Kickstarter with – you already know you’ll meet your goals, since there hasn’t been a problem with the previous hard cover orders; you have enough ebook/audiobook material to mix-and-match in at the various pledge levels – and it would provide an opportunity to possibly pull in new readers (pledge a buck, get a copy of The Rookie?), and just generally give Siglerism exposure to the KS audience.

    You’ve likely got your own for/against reasons, but it might be an idea, especially if you have a campaign ticking down, people will grok onto the idea that it is a limited-time offer.

  2. jokerdas

    Hmmm… a name for the recording studio of Doom…

    Addonexus – Latin for Place of Death

    Addofatum – Latin for Place of Doom

    You could add Sanctus before either to make it the “Sacred” Place of Death of Doom.  SANCTUS ADDONEXUS or SANCTUS ADDOFATUM Both sound AWESOME and imposing, and I can totally hear the FDO putting a deep, menacing voice to the words.  But saying you are going to be inside the Iron Lady all day does conjure a much more interesting visual!

  3. Gmork

    I know, right!?

    I even asked the hubbie to help come up with something and we both failed. So disappointing. Guess we’ll have to just take solace in Sigler getting all up in Martha Tongue Out

  4. Gmork

    Just listened to this episode yesterday and I desperately want to come up with something juvenile and vaguely dirty to call the recording booth of doom.

    But I got nuthin’ Frown

  5. sadock

    There are a lot of great names for the sound booth here. I’d like to suggest the Døøm Machine since that’s the space/place/equipment which Scott uses to create all of the audio bliss for us Junkies.

    Plus I like keeping the Døøm moniker involved. It’s pretty much become it’s own mythos for those who directly contribute to the Siglerverse in one way or another.

  6. Shadygirl

    Hmmmm, I seem to remember that there used to be talk about a “Martha” on this site many years ago. I believe it was th name given to some bodies left hand. Gives you a new perspective on that. ;-p

  7. forcefullsoul

    How about “Skank Lab” for where the FDO brews his works ready for the eager junkies …

    Or “Ma Tweedy” as you know she’ll work Scott hard, and there’d be no inappropriate procrastination or innuendo with her about!

  8. marklberry

    Or just paint a number on the door. You create life in that sound booth, what was the number to the lab where the Prawatt were created, and Quentin visits a version of it in Prawatt space?

  9. brain_dead

    “The Dark Overloads Thinking Chair of Doom Room”  I am not the most imaginative of people…

    I’ll keep my eye open for the pre-order. I’m a little bummed that I missed my possibly last chance at a Sigler tour and hope the wifey gets better.

    Happy new year


  10. ScottEPond

    If it were my sound booth, I’d name it Jessica Alba. That way, when asked, I could say, “Don’t bother me, I’ll be in Jessica Alba all day laying down some mad oration.” Alternates include, in no particular order: Helen Mirren; Jennifer Aniston; both of the Two Broke Girls; Margaret Thatcher; Lucy Lui… I could go on but I think that’s a good start.

  11. Gonzoid61

    Since we’re here naming sound booths and we’re going with female names, (Bocephus could be female… I guess… maybe… ok, just for the sake of my point), I’m thinking a good name for the sound booth of doom would be Cheboygan. That is a fine female name. Plus, everytime FDO steps in, it could be like going home again. Say ‘hi’ to Donny Jewel while you’re in there.



    Great information about the year to come. Can not wait to see what you two come up with you two ROCK! I have to say the name Martha sounds like a good name to give to the sound booth of doom. Really excited about all of the new goodies that will come out next year.

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