Friday Fix™: Live Q&A with the FDO™


During a Stank Stop™ in San Diego, I recorded a live question and answer session with the big crowd at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore. This is also where I recorded TITLE FIGHT: Round #1. No new fiction content, but lots of questions about NOCTURNAL, THE ROOKIE, the publishing industry and advice for aspiring authors, the INFECTED movie, what’s next in the Siglerverse, and more.   

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  1. pandionknight

    Great questions.

    I can’t believe Contagious is finished or that Perry is gone. So now I’m listening to the in between podcasts and thought there were some great questions in this Q&A – loved the one about the voicebox guy.

    P.s. Just bought Infected and it’s on it’s way, YAY!



    So sorry I missed the time limited registration but I’m an original junkie, been around since Earthcore and still loving it.

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