Friday Fix™: Let's Get Pissed With The FDO: the JC Hutchins Interview


Ugh. My cousin Francis Donovan Olivieri is out of the witness protection program, and guess who he contacts first? That’s right, me. Seems Frankie wants his own podcast, so welcome to the first-ever episode of "Let’s Get Pissed With the FDO." And just to piss me off a little extra, who does Frankie want to interview first? None other than my nemesis, J.C. Hutchins. The only saving grace to this sad excuse for entertainment is the presence of Mur Lafferty, who served as the "shot slut" for the interview. 

WARNING: If you’re easily offended, you do not want to listen to this. Frankie is a little bit … opinionated. And Hutchinsss? A pervert. Enough said.


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  1. BigJohn

    Holy shit, what a fucking riot!


    If you haven’t listened to this yet…listen to it again!


    “She’s got her cellphone strapped to her whore boots”

    “It’s a silver fucking rabbit bullet for your brain like a french tickler with a cock ring on it”

    “Did you know that everyone in Delaware is 4-foot 3 and a half?”

    “It’s like an IROC-Z for yer feet!”

    “I was three cars in a five-car train, which was a good night for me.”


    There’s a bumper sticker or twelve in there somewhere…


    BigJohn: Badass enough to get the drop on Kissyman

  2. Beth_Ailis

    Just listened and this is too funny

    Had the headphones on in the gym and I’m pretty sure they thought was having a eplileptic fit or something.

    Raising a glass of Taint Juice to the FDO and Hutchinsss.


    Go Steelers! Go Dawgs!

  3. JP

    I’d like to hear the FDO

    interview Soupbone. Waddaya think? The interview could take place in the Italian section of New Orleans…


    – “When I get a little money I buy books. If any is left over, I buy food and clothes.” – Erasmus

  4. JP

    This may be one of the funniest

    things I’ve ever listened to. And Mur, you may be one of the most “gracious” gals ever. Now it’s clear to everyone why you’re called the “Mighty Mur.”


    – “When I get a little money I buy books. If any is left over, I buy food and clothes.” – Erasmus

  5. tokolak


    FDO sounds like a very pissed Pookie Chang. Real FDO we need to see you on this show stat (With EQ’s permission of course). Say thanks to other FDO for embarrassing JC on tape.

  6. flashman

    FDO sounds like…

    Mike Strutter – but very funny 

    Neil laughed. "I’m a soldier, not a cop, ma’am."



  7. s13cybergal

    No JC, You Will NEVER Live This Down!

     Got so hammered you forgot the plot of your own darn book! As t’was said in Paint Your Wagon: He Just can’t hold his liquor.

    Come on JC you two can "stage" the video… Man, I’d pay $19.95! 

     Forgot the plot of your own book! ROFLBO! 

    "Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear." –Gen. George Patton

  8. s13cybergal

    You Drank Him Under The Table!

     This is a bad way to start my SUNDAY! (How can I repent, when I’m having so much fun?) I’d pay to watch the video of this! (hotel security would be the place to start the hunt). Having Mur along was terrific, but wait until she sets up a re-match.

    That sound JC makes … could make this good girl go bad …

    Congrats other FDO, you got JC to hammered, he forgot the plot of his own book! I know JC won’t let that stand. Scott, he’ll make you one of the objects in the pocket of his next book… ROFLMBO! 

    "Defeat HELL! I’m advancing to the rear." –Gen. George Patton

  9. jchutchins

    Just recovered from the hangover

    I have no recollection of this interview. This is a frame-up by Scott’s twisted cousin.

    Okay, that’s bullshit. This was the best fun I’d had in about a thousand years. Thanks, (other) FDO for the opportunity to pimp my book, Personal Effects: Dark Art, available at fine bookstores everywhere and online.

    Buy a copy, you dirty Junkies.

  10. Praise_thou_bold_god

    LEDGEN.. wait for it


    that was fuckin’ awesome. i basically jizzed my pants. this cant be a one timer. its just way too good

    You kill me? No, no … I kill you  

  11. DarkKnightJared

    That was fucking

    That was fucking hilarious–just what I needed today. Can’t wait to hear future installments of the "other" FDO. 😀

  12. JZ

    dat’s freekin’ funny!

    I’ve absolutely ever never heard anything remotely like this – Francis Donovan Olivieri rocks! If you subtract ‘f…’, ‘f……’ and ‘you know wot I’m saying?’ from the transcript and realize how little is left, it’s amazing that actual meaning still emerges  Laughing

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