Friday Fix — Inside Empty Set: Moving on Up!

We’re back with another edition of Inside Empty Set, where we talk about things pertinent to the business side of our business.

Big news today: Sigler is moving to San Diego! That’s right, the Future Dark Øverlord is moving to America’s Finest City, and Empty Set Entertainment will coalesce into one shiny office!

This audio was recorded the day before we found new office space, so there’s still some “maybe” in the discussion. As of today, the ink is dry and the move is set. Listen to hear all the things that contributed to this move.San Diego, here comes Empty Set!

By the time San Diego ComicCon rolls around in July, we’ll be a humming along in the new space like a well-oiled machine.

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  1. jokerdas

    My question is what does this do regarding Borderlands Books SF? Before, you could smear books ordered through them with all your Sigler Stank. How will that work now? Just wondering…

  2. BigJohn

    Sounds like the right decision. Good luck in the move! Does that mean you and A are going to carpool to SiglerFest? You can hold the projector on your lap! Or, maybe use it as a booster seat…

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