Friday Fix — Inside Empty Set: Doggs & Deadlines

We received a good bit of feedback after our post-PANDEMIC tour discussion, saying it was nice to see “behind the curtain” a little.

As we always aim to please, we’re planning to chat about the ins and outs of Empty Set about once a month, as the schedule allows.

In this first episode we talk a bunch about Scott’s oppressive deadlines, and more about Snoop Dogg than you’d imagine, or I would have liked. But there you go.

If there’s a particular thing you’d love to hear more about on our next episode, please drop us a line, or leave a note in the comments.

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  1. Mark Zanfardino

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to remind you guys that I’d like to volunteer for this years Hell Week. I was at the last Mysterious Galaxies book reading and had a chance to sit down with A and Scott at the pub afterward. At that time A and I spoke about my volunteering to help box up the latest installment of the GFL series. A told me I should drop a line to remind you that I am available.

    I’m also very excited to hear that Scott and the Evil Queen are moving to San Diego! I was still living in San Diego in 2005 when I started listening to Scott and had joked with him at one pub crawl or another in the Bay Area that I had moved to the East Bay to be closer to him (I moved up there the end of 2006). I moved back to San Diego last year, and now it seems Scott is moving to be closer to me! (Of course, that is ridiculous but amusing to me nonetheless). Now that Scott is going to be in my neck of the woods I look forward to many more opportunities to meet with A and the Dark Overload himself at pub crawls or book readings or whatever in the days to come.

    Mark Zanfardino

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