Friday Fix: Goreline for January 4, 2013!

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Angry caller!Can you believe it? A new Goreline Call episode!

We’re starting out the new year right — hearing from y’all. We haven’t done a Goreline episode since July 2012 … but we’re back!

If you want to join the fun, you can call the Goreline yourself at 206-666-4673. That’s 206-666-GORE. Call and ask Scott anything you like, or harass him about Mt. Fitzroy.

Happy new year Junkies!

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  1. Twainy

    Voice … Evaporated my clothes … Great now I’m never getting to sleep. you are SO funny. I’m sleepy & distracted & forgot why I came in here now, it might have been t-shirt related. Miss this & everyone. Happy Monday! x

  2. brain_dead

    God damn, my briefs just evaporated… I think I may need to think about this and what it means. I would also buy a uncle jhonny church of pain shirt.

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