European Tour & how travel impacts storytelling

StorySmack Episode #14

The European Tour of 2017 rolls along. We took a few minutes to talk about our feels and impressions from some of the amazing, life-changing things we’ve seen. We also discuss how seeing such things can affect a storyteller’s views, and impact (or create whole cloth) future stories.

The Lumen Editions booth at the Paris Book Fair.

Tom Merritt with his pink plaid tank tour T-shirt.

Darren’s Krakens birthday cake.

Skulls, spines and femurs from the Paris Catacombs.

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  1. Florian

    It’s two years now (or three?) and Leipzig Bookfair hast just ended. This year Wrath James White was Frank and Inge’s special guest – but I still remeber you two standing between books and I was so damn nervous about this interview – because it was the second interview in english I ever made. Still one of my favourites. I hope that german reads will someday have the pleasure to read more of yours books in german.

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