EARTHCORE Episode #19

Veronica Reeves, Sanji Haak, Connell Kirland, Mack Hendricks, Patrick O’Doyle, Bertha Lybrand and others are in the “picture cavern,” a strange, large cavern three miles underground that seems to be the work of a lost, ancient culture. The caves are covered in pictoglyphs — what do those glyphs mean? Meanwhile, Sonny McGuiness’s “funny feeling” about Funeral Mountain has cranked up to skin-crawing levels. Will he stick around, or will he bail on the dig, and on his millions? And, Achmed and Katarina have been tracking the seismogrpahic readings that indicate intermitten cave-ins. In this episode, we find out what those cave-ins mean — and we find out their horrible cost.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode brought to you in part by the Galactic Football League, a hard-hitting space opera book series.

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