EARTHCORE Episode #11

Connell Kirkland has just learned that EARTHCORE’s camp is sitting above a four-mile-long, half-mile wide chunk of solid platinum. Now he must share that information with EARTHCORE owner Barbara Yakely, who is back in Denver. The two of them will figure out what comes next. Meanwhile, Angus Kool and his assistant Randy Wright are looking to sneak away and explore the mountain’s tunnel complex. Will they be the first humans to discover unseen passages? And, archeologist Veronica Reeves learned of the double-crescent knives from her adoptive father Sanji Haak. She’s found similar knives in the mountains of Argentina. If the two finds are connected, it could indicate the largest pre-industrial empire in history.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode is sponsored by our “Space Opera” series THE GALACTIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

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