EARTHCORE Episode #1

Here we go, here we go, here we go again. Thirteen years after the podcast that firmly established Siglerism as the 487th-fastest-growing religion in the world,  the podcast that created a bloodthirsty army of Junkies, the final “master edition” of this scifi thriller rolls out as a podcast novel all its own. Thrills and chills are our business, and cousin, and for your Future Dark Øverlord, business is a-boomin! It’s time, once again, for death from below.

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  1. Rick Wezowicz

    OMG … I’m feeling young again … back when it was just a handful of us in the podsphere. Great to hear how this plays out again.

    1. scottsigler

      Mike: I’ve been surprised at how good it feels to roll this bad boy out once again, even though this is the revised, final-Siglerverse version. Seems like yesterday!

  2. Asher Samuels

    Booyah! This is coming full circle for me, as Earthcore is the first podcasted novel I listened to back in 2006.

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