The DIE HARD Christmas Special

StorySmack Episode #3

StorySmack Diehard
In this episode, we get into the muck of one of the world’s greatest, most enduring philosophical questions: is DIE HARD a Christmas movie?

We also cover a shit-ton of tidbits, trivia and facts about this enduring classic, including:

  • Who was supposed to play John Mclane?
  • Is this a sequel to a Sinatra flick?
  • The book (yes, book this movie is based on).
  • Which member of this cast served hard time?
  • Which famous lion tamers were cast as bad guys?
  • Does anyone in this flick actually sprechen Deutsch?


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  1. Andrew Wilson

    You guys talking about great Alan Rickman movies reminded me of ‘Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman’ a short film (about 7 minutes) originally from a showing at Lincoln Center, but made available on YouTube by the director; it examines Rickman as he makes a cup of tea–in slow motion, set to the music from the Inception trailer. It is every bit as epic as the title implies. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it:

  2. Kent Ruppert

    Great review, loving the new Storysmack. If I remember right, taking off your shoes and making fists with your toes in the carpet was for jet lag. Not fear of flying. I very well could be wrong.

  3. David Roman

    One scene that always drives me nuts. John walks into the building and he tells the guard his wife’s name, and the guard goes “type it in”.
    Then when he finally finds her as “Gennaro” not McClane, the Ahole Guard goes “30th floor, they are the only ones left in the building” — IF HE KNEW THAT, WHY MAKE HIM TYPE IT IN!!! oh yeah, so John can get pissed his wife isn’t using his name, that’s why. But still, that guard is a jerk.

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