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FridayFix • Daredevil Season One Spoilercast

Today’s Friday Fix is a Spoilercast! We’re talking all about Daredevil, Season One. If you watched it, listen in and join the fun. If you haven’t watched it, we want to tell you all about it (yes, with spoilers) in hopes that you’ll pound down Season One before Season Two premiers on March 18, 2016.

Daredevil is a Netflix Original series, and today the second trailer for season two dropped. Haven’t seen the first trailer? Boom, here it is:

And they posted a second trailer as well, which is right here.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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  1. Muddy_Junkie

    Spoilercast was entertaining as well as a bit “rambly”. I agree about your points on what made Afleck Daredevil good. But the rest of the movie was just so damn bad…

    I liked the format. I totally get the timing constraint with yours and A’s hectic schedules. Would it be cool to have you do a breakdown of some show/season every Friday? Sure. But also not realistic. As your dark powers grow and you get more advanced copies of shows, that will help, like with The Expanse right?

    I wonder if it would be more topical, if time allowed, to do some sort of “pre-Spoilercast” with upcoming shows/movies. This is more of a movies concept in my mind. Like with the new Marvel Civil War movie, maybe a Friday Fix on the day it comes out where you talk about what you are excited for and what has made you wary based on the trailer maybe? Just a thought.

    In the end, I enjoy the Spoilercast and would listen to it if you did one on Tremors or Seaquest DSV or any number of older movies or shows. I just did you perspective on this stuff.

  2. Bruce "Icepick" Press

    I really like the spoilerCast. (BTW, I like the Batfleck Daredevil AND Starship Troopers)

    My problem with the Daredevil series is the fighting.
    1) Does everyone in Hell’s Kitchen go to the same Dojo? Even the Ninja from out of town? Good guys, bad guys, ninja, Russian thugs all fight in the same style. Coincidence? (Well, except for the cops. Who just suck)
    2) How many of those fight scenes end with EVERYONE walking away? What, then, is the point of the fight?
    3) Fights are too freakin’ long. If I want to see that much pointless jumping, kicking and spinning, I’ll go to the ballet.

    Other than that, loved the show and your review!

  3. Jack O'Donnell

    I liked the Spoilercast but maybe due something more current and spoil stuff. I think Froggie owned the part too and did a great job. Maybe Jessica Jones next if your doing entire seasons or The 100. Both shows I hear lots about and know nothing about. Books to movies might be your niche on the review market too. I read the 5th Wave and enjoyed it but the reviews I saw for the movie never mention how it compares to the book. Keep up the great work!

    1. scottsigler

      Jack: We try to get to things as quick as we can, but we’re both really busy making books for all y’all and don’t get to watch that often. We try to watch these series together, which means time out of the work day that we can rarely afford. JESSICA JONES, for example, is 13 episodes. That’s 13 hours where I am not writing and A is not guiding my stories through the process of hitting the market.

      That said, we’re five episodes into JONES and loving it. That’s next.

  4. Avinjer

    You are not the only one Scott. I also liked the Affleck movie and Starship Troopers. You have to enjoy a movie for it’s own merit. If you’re going to pick it apart based on the comic/book it is based on then most movies fall short and are full of holes and useless content.

  5. BigJohn

    Ohhh yeah, Bullseye. Great villain to bring to the small screen. Played by Colin Farrell in the Afflect movie, as I recall. He would be great to see in Daredevil. Yet another assassin for the Kingpin, just like Elektra.

    A’s Willing Suspension of Disbelief is malfunctioning, I think. rotating saw blades on your forearms makes TOTAL sense in comics.

    One thing I wanted to mention is that the main driver for Matt Murdock is Law and Justice. He is an absolute slave to it, which is why he doesn’t kill, and why he hunts down criminals who do – and why he sees The Punisher as a bad guy. This unequivocal sense of Justice is what attracted him to Mephisto and Mephisto’s son (can’t remember his name) , who were major villains in some WEAK arcs in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Some villains I’d like to see: Typhoid Mary; Nuke (we already see him in Jessica Jones, aww yeahhhhh). Mr. Fear was a good counterpart to him (Man without fear vs. Mr. Fear); they’re already doing The Hand, which will be fun to see, especially if it brings in Stone, Claw, Shaft and stick’s other cohorts.

    Daredevil is one of the few Marvel characters that fought mostly street crime, and people who had tech, but no powers. This fits in pretty well with the gritty shows they’re setting up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Hopefully they’ll stay away from supernatch; I think it cheapens the characters.

    Another thing I wanted to say is that I think Marvel has done a fantastic job in the MCU with figuring out ways for their villains to be bad, but not evil for evil’s sake. That was something that played well to the kids back in the day with comics: Here’s “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” – what? Really? That’s what we’re going to call ourselves? The reality is that Evil people rarely think they’re evil. They think they’re right for whatever misguided reasons they have, and view the rest of the world as obstacles or chattel. Some of that is hard to connect to as TV viewers, so Marvel’s humanized their villains – Kingpin really DOES want to make the city better; he’s just willing to go to crazy lengths to do it. On the other hand, Murdock wants to work within the system.

    1. scottsigler

      “Kingpin really DOES want to make the city better; he’s just willing to go to crazy lengths to do it. On the other hand, Murdock wants to work within the system.”

      Exactly. That’s why the arc plays so well in DAREDEVIL S1. I’ve found the most-compelling TV shows leave you wondering who, exactly, you are supposed to root for. BREAKING BAD? BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? The concept of “bad guys” and “good guys” is blurry, at best. You don’t want anyone to lose.

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