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Friday Fix • Captain America Civil War Spoilercast

This past week Sigler and I both saw Captain America Civil War. We sat down to talk about it, and we had feels. And some of those feels are about 1970’s and 1980’s pop culture, which is kind of weird, but there you go.

I’ll say again that this is a true spoilercast, and this is your final warning.


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  1. murle_the_girl

    So I am WAY, WAY, WAY behind on listening to episodes of the Friday Fix, and also generally skip over spoilercasts for a while in case I do decide to watch the movie. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I finally listened to this episode and have some comments.

    As someone who gets terrible motion sickness, I think shaky cam is the worst fad to come to video production in my lifetime. Shaky cam is bad enough on a television, but the sickening effect is amplified on the big screen. No one wants to go in and experience 2+ hours of feeling like you’re going to throw up in a crowded theater. This fad has soured my viewing experience of many movies and television shows, making me less likely to watch something a second time, and less inclined to go watch something in the first place. However, I do think A made a good point about the link between the perspective in video games and the shaking controller during action, as I’m sure that is where some of this fad in movies came from. I also can’t play or watch others play most video games because of this perspective and shaky cam stuff, because I get sick from it too.

    In terms of the mechanics of plot and story, I am the type that wants things to be realistic, and I want background to know why someone is doing something or is in a certain situation. This is why I have never been into comic books. However, because I have several friends who are into comic books, I have tried to lay that aside in order to enjoy comic book shows and movies with them. So I just dismiss all the plot holes based solely on it being that type of story, until others start discussing it and I tear the things apart.

    Thanks for another entertaining podcast.

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