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ARealGirl here. Scott and I were lucky enough to get an early viewing of Syfy’s new miniseries CHILDHOOD’S END, based on the novel by science fiction legend Arthur C Clarke. I read the book ages ago. Scott has not read it, giving you a “read it / haven’t read it” reaction to the miniseries. We sat down for this FridayFix™ to discuss our thoughts on this show, which premiers Dec. 14 on Syfy as a three-night TV event.

Click the play button below to listen in to hear our thoughts!

And here’s a cool vid of the cast introducing the core concepts behind the show.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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  1. murle_the_girl

    Okay, I’ve been behind on the Friday Fix podcasts and just listened to this today….so a couple of comments from things as we go along:

    I agree, Sharknado was TERRIBLE. Painfully terrible to watch.

    I am 32 and don’t understand snapchat and all that stuff. Scott uses social media way more than I do. I’m old at heart, I guess. Except that here I am, commenting on a podcast on a website.

    Thanks for introducing me to Arthur C. Clarke, I have never read any of his stuff, but will consider it now.

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