FridayFix: THE CHAMPION Hell Week

(and GoodReads Cover Reveal!)

Galactic Football League Book VAs we speed toward the release date for THE CHAMPION, a little information for any Junkies who want to join Hell Week in San Diego.

Technically it’s Hell Weekend, and it does tend to be a lot of fun.

We’re looking for folks who are willing to join us 9am to 5pm on Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4, in San Diego. You don’t have to work all day, silly, but do have to be available for at least three hours in a row. 

  • You need to be able to commit to at least a three-hour shift
  • There will be lots of standing
  • If you’re there for lunch, we’re buying lunch
  • There will be beers at the end of the day

If you have questions or want to join, email ARealGirl at

Want to hear us talk about something in particular in future episodes of Inside Empty Set or the FridayFix? Please drop us a line, or leave a note in the comments. We can’t wait for this awesome YA sports series to hit you right in the brain. 

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  1. ratman19

    I actually have a question. Isn’t hell week supposed to be the people helping putting the books together for you and help you prepare to ship them? If the books ship on September 30th then why is hell week after that date?

    1. A Sigler

      Hell Week is about packing the books in boxes. We’ll start shipping on 9/30, and be done by 10/4. It’s a little unclear in the way we worded it, for sure.

      Because each book gets signed and numbered, can’t do all of ’em in a day. A good problem to have.


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