Quentin and his friends have met the mostly unknown Portath. In that meeting, he came to learn that the kidnapping of his sister wasn’t set up by a rival team or a revenge-minded gangster, but none other than the living god herself: Petra Prawatt, so she could deliver a message to the Prawatt about a pending galactic-scale invasion from a race known as the Abernessia. Petra’s tool for this manipulation? Cormerant Bumberpuff, Quentin’s Ionath Krakens teammate. Quentin needs to find out Bumberpuff’s involvement, and find a way to free his sister, his friends and himself from the Portath.

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  1. ratman19

    Just finished The Champion (no spoilers):

    Amazing storytelling Scott. When I came to your book tour in Boston for Pandemic, there was a question I wanted to ask but forgot.

    When talking about the GFL series, do you already know the entire plot of the remainder of the series? I am curious if you are creating the story as you go or if you already know what is going to happen to QB and gang?

    I didn’t think it was possible, but The Champion may have surpassed The All-Pro as the best book in the series. This was the first in the series that I decided to listen to the entire thing on audiobook. Very much enjoyed it.

    Thank you Scott Sigler.

  2. Eleazar "El Cas" Castellanos

    Even though I already knew what was going to happen in this episode I enjoyed it cause I got to really enjoy the mental movie that was playing in my head while I listened to it since I didn’t have to focus on what I was reading. 😛

    On a side note, my OCD kicked in again and I had to send another email. Please let me know if you need more info from me regarding it.

    Once again thanks for the awesome stuff you have provided us FDO.

  3. jokerdas

    You mentioned, this ties in components of the Siglerverse you created 34 years ago. Any chance of publishing THAT complete compendium of all things Sigler?

    I, for one, would really be excited to see that! I have made a few connections in my own mind, but some could be be completely off the mark.

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