Quentin and his friends are aboard the Rosalind Franklin, a living Prawatt ship. Rosalind was swallowed up by a massive Rewall ship — which she nicknamed “Joey” — in hopes of having the Rewall take her into the Portath Cloud, where Quentin & Co. could continue the search for his sister. The thing was, as the Rewall tentacles closed in and engulfed her, she couldn’t say for sure if Joey was going to transport them … or digest them, killing everyone in a tidal wave of acid.

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  1. Stiffnation

    Hey Scott, I was just curious about something. Andre “Death Ray” Ridley seems like he’s an all star in this book, but there’s a hitch. You sorta killed him in week 13 of the MVP. Thought it was worth mentioning. In all honesty I’m glad he lived, go Bugs

  2. Eleazar "El Cas" Castellanos

    Though I already ready this portion, on my Hard Cover Limited Edition copy of the Champion, nothing beats hearing the FDO’s interpretation of each characters then my mental attempts at approximating it.

    The one thing I did notice was that Doc Patah’s voice box lost its reverb for a bit. 🙂

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