Quentin, Becca, John, Ju, George Starcher, Michael Kimberlin and Doc Patah have slipped away from Hittoni and the ever-present control of Gredok the Splithead. Aboard the Burly Brown, they head out for a deep-space rendezvous with an as-yet unidentified Prawatt ship, to be procured by Cormorant Bumberpuff. If that rendezvous is successful, they will all fly into the Portath Cloud to find Fred and Jeanine.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. Let’s hear it for free audiobooks!

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  1. Coach Smitty

    Started a 10 hour road trip yesterday. Checked iTunes, no audiobook. Randomly checked audible. GOOOOOOOOOOAL!! My trip just got 527% better.

  2. Ma-Tweedy

    So psyched for the new book! I go into withdrawals during the week when I can’t get my fix of GFL dopeness…

    P.S. “rendesvous” is actually spelled “rendez-vous” or “rendezvous”…

    1. ratman19

      Scotts short story on The End is Now is great. Its free if you get the Kindle Unlimited 30 Day Free Trial. Just cancel it after you read Scotts story…win win

  3. Funkmon

    Oh boy! I hope to see more cool names from Petra.

    “This is Spankie Fluffernutter, Muffin Gigglesly, and Arno Penzias.”

    1. scottsigler

      Asher: Not sure how hardcore she is on the faith, but the fact that “Sunday” is an imaginary thing when you have multiple planets kind of gets her out of it. Of course, she could not fly when the GFL is playing …

    1. scottsigler

      Artificial_Selection: Maybe that was the more mature version of Petra that named that. But in addition to naming individuals as a teenage girl might name kitties, Petra also has a fondness for recognizing great scientists.

  4. ratman19

    I couldn’t help myself…couldn’t wait for the podcast this week, had to read on. Will still be listening though.

    I’m sure you’ve answered this somewhere but is this audiobook available yet? I looked on Audible and couldn’t find it.

    1. Steve Riekeberg

      It’s all finished, the ball’s in Audible’s court now, awaiting approval. Hopefully any day now. Sorry for the delay on this being available. I’m obviously a bit biased, having produced it, but I think the wait will be worth it.

      1. ratman19

        Thank you Steve, so far it has been great.

        Worth the wait and even though I read the whole story already, listening to the audiobook will be worth the listening.

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