Hours after the Galaxy Bowl, Quentin is still in the locker room, waiting for Messal the Efficient to organize the mission to save Quentin’s sister Jeanine. The crowds are gone and the final stragglers are filtering out of the stadium — can Quentin slip away unseen, or will Gredok the Splithead stop him from leaving?

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  1. Mark S

    T-Shirt Suggestion:

    Title: Galactic Football League
    Graphic: Images of all of the different races/nations
    Quotes: “Peacefully uniting all races together” or “United We Stand, Tackled We Fall”

  2. Loial

    I would buy the Trench Warfare Tour t-shirt.

    I would also like to see a Texas Earthling team shirt. The red, white, and blue fileds with the white star would create conversations in my city plus it would be very patriotic.

  3. David Kaneshiro

    Alright. Hear me out. A lot of gfl shirts are jocky and sporty. Let’s get some nerdy shirts. Like purist nation space yachts, with a almost “mad Mike’s used car sale” feel to it. Or a dinolition shirt. Or a church of Quinton barnes.

  4. Patricia

    Messal is my Shamakath* (and yup, still typing phonetically, because… I’m audiobook lame, right now)

    I am loving him, man.


    * I corrected the spelling of “Messal” for ya — Scott.

  5. MBilica

    I would like a Jupiter Jacks shirt. The Dinolition and Title Fight shirts are also good ideas, as well as the commercials sponsors.

    What about logos on baseball caps?

  6. jokerdas

    Alright!! New shirts!!!

    Sponsor shirts:
    Junkie Gin

    Kolok the Daring’s Spindly Spider Snacks – Now in nacho flavor

    Character shirts:
    Ionath Sports on UBS with Masara the Observant and Chick McGee, everyone’s favorite color commentator.

    “Do not offend the Old Ones of the firmament!” -Crazy George Starcher

    “Polisher of a dirty universe and keeper of the far flame!” – Crazy George Starcher

    I like the idea of a System Police shirt.

    “113 – The Combine” for Quentin’s designation while on the Combine.

    Intergalactic Fighting Association Chaiyal “The Heretic” North VS Korak the Cutter in a fighting poster style.

  7. Chuck VanT

    I have a T-shirt suggestion

    Quinton Barnes back to back with Don Pine in a sort of “Then and Now” Galaxy Bowl MVP Winning Quarterback theme.

    If you pick this design…. XXL, please LOL

  8. Ben Dowell

    Ok, I’m just going to cross the streams here:

    What about a theater movie poster for “BLUE BALLS” Worst movie of all time, now a holographically remastered cult classic.

    The tag-line for the poster could say “I hunt killers all day, and kill monsters all night. I don’t have time for love.”

  9. Ben Dowell

    Glad to see I’m not the only one wanting a Chucky Chong’s tee, or a Trench Warfare tour tee. Great choices everyone!

    IF it has to be a team tee, Bartel Waterbugs! I ALMOST got their logo tattooed on me instead of OS1.

  10. Dave Fisk

    I am the t-shirt king. My t-shirts for my company always go quickly!

    -A shirt promoting that Chinese restaurant QB and the boys trash trying to rescue Ju. Can’t remember the name of the place.

    Mitchell “The Machine” Fayed

    (date of birth) (date of death)

    Never Forget

    -Poughkipsie Pete Dinolition shirt.

    -“Vacation in the Portath Cloud!”

    Kimberland University

    Est: 2872

    – “Homer brand puke buckets: Good enough for Quinton Barnes. Good enough for you”

    -and of I’ve been hoping for for a LONG time.

    …a Michovi Raiders t-shirt

    1. NerdScott

      Riffing on the restaurant theme:
      *Chucky Chong’s League-Style House of Chow (filling in the blank for Mr. Fisk)

      *Torba the Hungry’s

      *The Blessed Lamb [Humans Only]

      *Mister Sam’s BBQ Chicken Shack (Ok, I don’t know if it was a shack – did the restaurant even have a name?)

  11. NerdScott

    My T-shirt thoughts:
    *Junkie Gin (as has been proposed)

    *a shirt sporting a Miller Lager “Beer-dolier” (yes, Miller Brewing of this century may object but it would definitely be Tweedy Brothers Approved)

    *a Trench Warfare tour shirt (that has dates, cities, etc.; apparently other Junkies reading my mind here, now that I’ve read more comments)

    *Sayed Luxury Yachts (“A ride fine enough for High One Himself”)

    I must similarly un-vote for the FDO butt shirt. Thanks for soliciting Junkie feedback on this.

    Shipping Day can’t get here soon enough. I’m going to dive into the e-book until the dead-tree edition hits my porch! Happy hell-week, y’all!

  12. Ryan

    I love the Trench Warfare, Junkie Gin and Church of Quentin Barnes shirt ideas! Perhaps a Mosul the Efficient OG t-shirt to show off his new found badassery

    and Scott I’ve got some Narragansett’s (16 oz of awesomeness) under my belt for the week I believe I’ve got your Bud Light beat.

  13. Ginger the soul reaper

    Junky Gin

    A Trench Warfare Galactic tour shirt with all the tour dates and locations on the back

    A Danny the dolphin shirt saying I’m your guy buddy

    Super Mega Junkie!!!


    Picture of the gold plated puke bucket

    Chucks Chongs LeagueStyle House of Chow shirt

    Mr Sams BBQ

  14. Muddy_Junkie

    From above I like the ideas of:
    Junkie Gin
    Trench Warfare
    Glory Warpigs

    Or maybe:
    Prawatt Jihad Harpies
    Portath Cloud – maybe a warning sign?
    Species Specific “System Police” Rookie/In Training shirt
    Zoroastrian Guild – kind of like the “Don’t Tread on Me” shirts?

  15. BigJohn

    I’m loving the idea of a Dinolition shirt, and the Junkie Gin shirt. If we’re doing product placement shirts, I’ll throw Spider-snacks in there as well.

    For team shirt, I would suggest Jupiter Jacks.

  16. Insignificant Blood Splatter

    Oh! A Junkie Gin shirt. We totally need a Junkie Gin shirt. Cause junkies are classy like that.

    Or what about a Trench Warfare shirt? 😀 Actually, I like this idea better than Junkie Gin.

    If it’s going to be a team shirt, I throw my vote towards the Glory Warpigs, as that could make a cool shirt.

    But really, Trench Warfare shirt, yes!

    Please do not photocopy your butt onto a shirt, though. That may be the one FDO shirt I actually do not want. Sorry, FDO!

    TWO DAYS AWAY Can’t wait to bust through reading The Champion (and finding out what number I got)!

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