THE CHAMPION Episode #26

The attack on Quentin and his teammates at the Neptune Net Colony almost ended in disaster. The team is shaken up, and some of the Krakens want answers. Quentin is the only one that knows Jonathan Sandoval was both Quentin’s rescuer, and now his blackmailer — threatening to tell the Creterakian Ministry of Religion about the true size of the Church of Quentin Barnes unless Quentin forks over a huge sum of money. Quentin can’t tell anyone, or Sandoval will rat him out, and the CMR will want Quentin dead.

This is a big fat episode, so there’s not talky talk after the episode.

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  1. Amiko

    What a surprise to be a GFL team owner now. Thanks Scott. 😉
    Go Earthlings!
    And you got my name right, that’s a plus, as right as can be expected from an English speaking person anyhow.

      1. Amiko

        Was there even a chance for me to know this from podcast? I don’t remember the owner of Earthlings being mentioned before.
        Haven’t bought any GFL hardcovers because of reasons.

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