THE CHAMPION Episode #23

Earlier in the year, the Krakens cut two players — the Ki lineman Gan-Ta-Kapil, and the Sklorno receiver Richfield. Richfield said she was heading out to see the universe and spread the word of the her “godling,” Quentin Barnes. In Episode #22, Becca Montagne and Danny Lundy executed a power play that would make that week’s tilt against the Yall Criminals her last as a fullback, meaning Kopor the Climber will have to get up to speed to become the team’s starter at that position. The Krakens beat the Criminals to move to 4-0 on the season.  Following the game, Quentin headed for the Ki Baths to clean up for the post-game press conference.

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  1. mkaz

    I enjoyed this episode except for the double take at 40:13 of the podcast…

    “Care to join me?” – Barnes
    “Of course, shamakath.” – Choto

    Was that Choto? It sure didn’t sound like a Quyth warrior at all.


    1. Steve Riekeberg

      Oops. You’re right.

      Funny thing, this line did slip through our quality assurance process, but I already fixed it for the audiobook. A fellow eagle-eared Junkie brought it to my attention a while back.

      Looks like our Future Dark Overlord might have pulled the older audio for this section when putting together this episode. D’oh!

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