THE CHAMPION Episode #21

The Krakens just defeated the Sheb Stalkers to move to 2-0 on the season. Nothing gets easier, though — the Krakens travel to Coranadillana Cloud Killers, a team against which Quentin has zero wins and three losses. In fact, they are the only Planet Division team he hasn’t beat. Can he finally get off the schnide?

After the episode, Scott gives you an update on the EARTHCORE rewrite.

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  1. Jesper Schultz

    Awww yeah! Was ‘dat one or two broken ribs, QB?

    I’m torn every time the Krakens visit the CCKs. The Cloud Killers must emerge victorious yet again; but I’m also rootin’ for the good ol’e Krakens?

    Anyways – great episode, although I cannot see ‘Schultzie’ going unpunished, should the Krakens step in front of the Coranadillana Cloud Killers express again…

    /Jesper Schultz
    Defensive End, CCK

  2. El Cas

    What is the best way to finish the day after Super Bowl you ask, well listening to the FDO as he provides us with this week’s installment of the GFL.

    Thanks FDO.

    Just FYI, Marik sounded “human” at 21:19 of this week’s episode.

    “No sign of the target,” he said. “Has anyone else reported in?”

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