Quentin knows his objective — save Fred and his sister — but how will he get to the Portath Cloud to do so? Gredok is watching him, not to mention the fact that everyone, everywhere, knows his face. Quentin needs help from his teammates and from an old friend you might not expect.

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    Thank you, Scott, for providing me with such high quality entertainment. I really hope you’ll visit Denmark some day! Copenhagen will welcome you!!!!

    (Plus we have BEER)

  2. ratman19

    I have to say, I friggin love this world that you created. I can’t get enough of Quentin, John, Ju, Becca, Gredok, Tara the Freak, Denver, and the lIst goes on. I’ve tried so hard to get others in my family to read this but they won’t give it a chance because they can’t imagine how Intergalactic Football can translate into such an in depth story. This series is far far more than football…’s truly a work of art.

    Please Scott Sigler, never stop what you do, the masses don’t yet know what they are missing, but they will soon.

  3. comptonius - OJ

    Loving the Champion so far! I find it interesting that you selected Harrison Schmitt’s spacesuit for the historic artifact! Does that mean that Mt. Fitzroy is next!?! Because after all, Mr. Schmitt was the first geologist to walk on the moon, although it was on the last mission!

    Earthcore 2! Earthcore 2! Earthcore 2!

    How much more time do you reckon Brady Hoke has left at that school up north? Go Bucks!

  4. ratman19

    I love Scott Pond’s work, truly do. I met him in Boston during the Pandemic Book Store and it was because of him I became a fan of Matt Wallace.

    With that said, I am not a fan of this cover. My issue is simply the ring, I just dont get it. Is the Kraken logo part of the ring? Is it a reflection?

    I hope this doesn’t come across as rude or disrespectful, I am sure a lot of time and effort went into creating it. I just wanted to learn more information as to what I am looking.

    Hope to hear a response from Scott Pond

  5. BigJohn

    I use goodreads pretty much every day. I like how you can challenge yourself to read a certain number of books each year, and keep track of how well you’re doing. I’ve been introduced to a lot of different authors by looking at my friends’ activity and seeing what they are reading.

  6. B.A. Ceradsky

    Loving The Champion so far! Can’t wait for the next installment!

    Quick question: In this episode it was stated that Quentin had never seen Messal’s eye black before. But if I remember right wasn’t his eye black in The All-Pro when Yolanda Davenport’s article was published (episode 11 or 12 of the podcast I think).

    Loving the great story, I wait anxiously for next week!

  7. Robert

    Something I really enjoyed in The Reporter was a Quyth Worker as a main character, so I’m loving Massal’s time in the spotlight.

    I use the Goodreads app. None of my Facebook friends actively use it, but I like it because it lets me keep track of everything I’ve read and want to read. Plus, I love being able to rate stuff. The Champion Cover reveal, RSVP’d!

  8. Eleazar "El Cas" Castellanos

    Messal was throwing down like no-ones business in this episode.

    Once again, thanks FDO for your awesome goodness.

    And as for NFL action, looks like our teams provided us for more reasons to be happy. Your Lions whooping them Packer’s ass and my Chargers giving them Bill a smack down.

    1. scottsigler

      ElCas: Yep, was surprised the Lions didn’t give that one up in the second half. With all the DBs out, I can’t believe Rodgers didn’t carve them up. A big part of his game is waiting for routes to develop (or for receivers to be creative when they see that they are covered), and he didn’t have time for that against the Lions’ rush.

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