THE CHAMPION Episode #18

Becca Montagne is pushing to take the third spot on the quarterback depth chart, but Quentin is pushing back, hard. He wants his All-Pro fullback to stay where she is, blocking for him and for Ju Tweedy. Quentin convinced Gredok to trade for quarterback Trevor Haney, who will start the season 3rd on the depth chart behind Number-Two QB Yhitzak Goldman. Goldman still hasn’t forgiven Quentin for passing him over in the Galaxy Bowl. As we enter the third week of the pre-season, Quentin is running out of time to get his teammates on the same page.


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  1. NeilColquhoun


    That’s me finally caught up and it was a long haul.
    Now, instead of binging on episodes I am back to a weekly fix.

    The story is moving along nicely and… like Freddie sang, “Love kills”…

    Thanks for the content.

    Kind Regards

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