THE CHAMPION Episode #16

The Krakens were back at “The Big Eye” in Ionath City to open up training camp. Now, the Krakens head into Week Two of the pre-season. But things aren’t all football — when Quentin & Co were in the Portath Cloud, they were visited by a projection of Petra Prawatt, the living God of the Prawatt race. She used Cormorant Bumberpuff to project herself and deliver a message about a pending intergalactic invasion. Quentin can’t trust Bumberpuff, and tension between the two All-Pro players remains high. And now, Episode 16 of … The Champion.

After the episode, Scott talks about the new video set up in the Empty Set office.

PROMO IN THIS EPISODE: Still Out of Time a charity anthology supporting Doctors Without Borders.

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  1. Amos Rouell

    I’m still working at losing weight and getting back in shape after being laid up from that surgery.
    Over the holidays I may have fallen behind in my podcast listening but I did very well with my goals. I lost 34 pounds from thanks giving to two weeks after the new year.
    The downside of being a large man is 34 pounds doesn’t show. That helps when you’re in shape. You can put on a little more than most without your ego suffering but when you’re trying to lose, it means you don’t get the same rewarded feeling for your efforts nearly as easily.

    I suppose my resolution will be to write more. Like anything you want you must make room for it before you can have it. This means trying to find things to cut back on in my schedule. Not an easy task.
    Any useful advice?

    1. scottsigler

      @Vidurr: Dude, 34 pounds is amazing!. Congrats on that. Sorry it doesn’t show, but I have to imagine if you can repeat that over the course of the year — notch another 34 pounds by next Thanksgiving — that is for sure going to show. That first 10% can be disheartening, as you don’t really see the results, but usually things change big-time for the second 10%.

      My advice for writing is: see if you can workout first thing in the morning. If that’s possible , then it’s out of the way and you relax more through the day. You’re not worried about “damn, I have an hour to write, but then I have to get on that treadmill.” Getting your primary goal — your health — out of the way first allows you to focus on your secondary goal — writing — with more accuracy and joy.

      After that, you simply have to write every day. Can you make one hour a day to write? It adds up in a hurry. Watch for a video I will post soon on “How To Write Your First Novel.”

  2. Avinjer

    Sorry for the late post but I’m a bit behind on all my podcasts. Happens every year during the holidays. NYRs for me are dropping a few pounds, 20 would be nice, and learning morse code. The first one will be tough but I’ve already accomplished the second thanks to a 3 hour car ride to a funeral for my dad’s girl friend. I thought there would be a lot more resolutions here but I was mistaken.

    Have a great year every one.

  3. Robin Hudson

    I’m going to TRY to reduce the amount of gaming I do and get back to cross-stitching. I’ll need to find some way to make some monies, since I had to quit my job last year to be a 24/7 caregiver. Crafting some shit for people with too much money and not enough sense may be the way I do that. I’ll also finally be getting my driver’s license some time soon. Not killing my parents also seems like a pretty good goal – worked last year.

  4. Eleazar "El Cas" Castellanos


    As requested, my NYR is not only getting rid of the Holidays’ weight gain but get in shape for the 2015 Martial Arts tournament season (which starts in March).

    Hopefully I can pull it off cause them Holiday feasts were great (and the bathroom scale reminds me daily) and unfortunate for me I love going on the T Diet (Tacos, Tortas, Tortillas, etc) which doesn’t really help but we shall see.

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