THE CHAMPION Episode #14

Quentin finally gets some time to enjoy his status as the Galaxy Bowl MVP. He’s off to Earth, then it’s time to scout for new players at the Tier Three Tournament. Then, a return to Ionath and a stressful visit with Ma Tweedy.

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  1. Joshua Berkau

    ikr. crushed ruby penises for all time, but no “meaningful” stuff for all time. Then again, we still have the Odyssey. I would imagine that the Romans and Greeks had their own terrible stuff, but they are remembered by homer, not by their Stephenie Meyers.

    1. scottsigler

      Joshua: Try reading up on what people thought of Shakespeare’s work when he was alive. For an ad-hoc, non-scientific example, look at the runner-ups of the 1962 Hugo Awards.

      • Dark Universe by Daniel F. Galouye [Bantam, 1961]
      • Sense of Obligation (alt: Planet of the Damned) by Harry Harrison [Analog Sep,Oct,Nov 1961]
      • The Fisherman (alt: Time Is the Simplest Thing) by Clifford D. Simak [Analog Apr,May,Jun,Jul 1961]
      • Second Ending by James White [Fantastic Jun,Jul 1961]

      Then compare that to another trashy pop-culture title that came out for the first time the same year: Spiderman. Heard of those runner-up for the “best novel in Science Fiction?” I haven’t.

    1. scottsigler

      Joshua: I do enjoy that running bit. Also, pretty sure it reflects our society: most of those “Very Important Science Fiction” books that win awards today will be completely forgotten in 50 years, but TWILIGHT will live on as a property that gets remade over and over again. Which will piss off the Very Important Clique to no end.

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