THE CHAMPION Episode #13

Quentin Barnes and his friends traveled to the Portath Cloud, where they successfully rescued his sister, Jeanine, and his friend, Fred. That rescue hinged upon a duel to the death between John Tweedy and the Portath known as “The Gouger.” With freedom won, Quentin & Co. become the first sentients to leave the Portath Cloud in decades. Now, finally heading back to Ionath, Quentin faces a different yet equally terrifying challenge: finally telling Rebecca Montagne how he feels about her.


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  1. Amos Rouell

       I am very sorry for your loss and that of his family by blood.    I understand both loss and the awakening that comes when a child/young adult with a true love of a good story begins to DM/GM. For me it was with my younger cousins at my grandparents farm. I had discovered first the game Lone Wolf and Cub. Then Dungeons and Dragons after we had exhausted LW&C. My parents couldn’t afford the core books. So I took what I could from the books classmates whom were generous enough to sneak them from their homes. My class mates and I were about 11 at the time so these books usually belonged to a parent or older sibling or in the case of the only kid I knew that had his own, deemed to expensive to risk taking to school. I will always feel indebted to them for helping me on my path to writing. With their help I developed my own core rules that filled 3 and a half spiral notebooks and began writing stories that kept my cousins and me busy the entire next summer.      Safe travels and may your memories of him always bring you joy.

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