THE CHAMPION, Book V in the YA/scifi Galactic Football League series.

THE CHAMPION Episode #12

To save his sister Jeanine and his friend Fred, Quentin challenged the Portath known as The Gouger to a duel. When Quentin was preparing for this ultimate showdown, he was sucker-punched by John Tweedy — who is going to step into pit to fight in Quentin’s place. With a broken jaw and pain meds in his system, Quentin is helpless to do anything but watch John fight to the death.

Note: Scott recorded this early, and forgot he was recording early, so he told everyone how to behave on Thanksgiving. Which is already over. Such is life.

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  1. Simeon

    I loved the way you described the knife fight..

    Every knife fight in the movies or on TV is an extended dance/fencing exhibition.

    People who know understand that any real fight (not just dick waving) especially a knife fight is over is seconds to minutes. It’s nasty, brutal and SHORT.

    Kudos for understanding.


  2. Amos Rouell


    I can’t Wait for dinolition!

    And heck yeah it looks awesome! I’ve been Really craving a good barbarian flick. Maybe a true to the character Conan. Giant hulking man who only relies on his inhuman strength when stealth fails. Utilizing his prodigious amount of accumulated knowledge and strategic mind to out wit enemies and ancient traps. But this is the next best frik’n thing!
    Thanks Scott. I hadn’t been aware if it until you mentioned it! (Don’t get tv channels)
    Also thank you again for destroying stereotypes of strong large men and guys in sports. I’m so Very INCREDIBLY FRIK’N SICK TO SHUCKING DEATH OF THIS DAVID AND GOLIATH CRAP!! Thank you for letting men who are all of these things be smart and be the hero! Thank you! I don’t know of anyone else who does!

    1. scottsigler

      @Vidurr: Glad you appreciate the stereotype destruction. Most often, the authors and creators who perpetuate those stereotypes have never played sports, and have never spent time with high-level athletes (who tend to be larger, stronger, and smarter than the average bear). It’s such an easy stereotype to paint the big guy as dumb, and I think it’s mostly due to jealousy and inexperience.

  3. Ryan

    Jurassic world looked shucking AWESOME!!! My guess is it details Star-Lord’s humble origin as a game warden for everyone’s favorite dino park.

    And John’s epic trouncing of the Gouger made me do a fist pump at work. The visual of his body tattoo going color apeshit was epic and once again Sunday can’t come soon enough, keep up the good work sir!

    ….and hope you, arealgirl, the dog of doom and all the junkies had a great day of Turkey Slaughter and Devouring aka Thanksgiving aka the greatest day of November!

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