THE CHAMPION Episode #11

To win his sister’s freedom, Quentin challenged the Portath known as “The Gouger” to a duel to the death. He’ll have to fight with the awkward “double crescent” knives, the traditional weapon of that race. If Quentin steps into the stone pit for this fight, will he make it out alive?

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  1. Amos Rouell

    Regarding the overwhelming deadline, etc. Medical workers and I don’t mean clinic workers with their regular hours and getting to be home on the holidays. I’m talking about hospital and EMS. Depending on location and whether there’s a foot ball game (yes a Lot of hospitals are nearly empty or empty during a big game) Every Frik’n shift is like that. Some far worse than others and that is what leads me to my story.      I worked in various hospital laboratories until a series of personal medical emergencies ended my career. At one such hospital for reasons unknown, we were suddenly swamped with ER visits. There were symptoms but no detectable reason for them. Over half of the people coming in had symptoms that were perceptible only to them selves. The chaos and rush held every day until a couple hours into third shift. I worked second which meant there were only Three people to draw blood, run tests, report out and pick up specimens as well as the myriad of other duties that had to be completed each night to ensure patients tests would yield accurate results. After a few months of this my coworkers who were within a year or two of retirement informed the upper ups that if we did not get the help we had requested the whole team would quit. I’m just telling you this to emphasize just how desperately busy it was. To make matters worse as it Finally began to die down an ice storm hit. Huge and brutal. Somehow patients continued to be able to get in. Many saying they had Walked from across town! Yet my coworkers were trapped and couldn’t get in. Most nights I was lucky to have one other lab worker. Okay, no big I thought. This is Oklahoma, ice and snow are never around for more than a few days. Not since I was little anyway. Wrong! It stuck around for about a week and a half! My first shift during this was just over 78 hrs. Most of my shifts were like that during the storm. With only short naps of usually about 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a day before we fell to far behind due to the still over whelming patient flow.  When it was finally over so was the constant rush of patients with what I came to believe was some mass hysteria. I had to clock a couple days off to recover from the lack of sleep psychosis before I experienced the euphoria but I still remember it. Lol Almost exactly as you described. Coupled with an amnesia like effect. I believe it’s the same defense mechanism that’s triggered during times of extreme pain or trauma. It’s why women will want to have another child sometimes while holding their first one for the first time. It serves many purposes and I believe this is one. Helping us to repeatedly complete those most unpleasant but necessary tasks. That’s what I think it is anyway.

    Okay my phone is refusing to let me scroll up to proof read my post. I’m going to go ahead and post it and I’m sorry if it’s jumbled or afflicted with auto corrections. Next time I’ll post from my laptop.

  2. marklberry

    Awesome episode. Waiting patiently for the big bloody fight next week. Congrats on completing book two of the Flyer trilogy. I’m close to doing my own happy dance for the audiobook conversion of my memoir I have been working on for the last two years. Sooo close to completing all 348 pages infused with 34 original songs. Thanks to you and A for your dialog contributions.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Your Lions did well.
    Cheers, Mark L. Berry

  3. Ryan

    I’m gonna call it, John dies in the fight with the Gouger and Quentin’s sister kills herself plunging him into a headfirst downward spiral of destruction where he is unable to play football because he’s so damn depressed and on the verge of suicide as the Galaxy begins to crumble around him. Then the Abernethia show up and impending galactic doom takes him out of his funk where he links up with his mercenary father and they traverse the galaxy kicking lots of ass until sadly Quentin’s father is killed heroically in a last ditch attempt to save the galaxy. Then the book ends with Rebecca telling Quentin that she’s pregnant with Jue’s baby because they fell in love while Quentin was in his depression state.
    #nailed it

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