Passenger, Part 1

We bring you a tale from THE CRYPT era of the Siglerverse, and a big Junkies favorite — particularly the rather grisly end of the story. We re-wrote the story to bring it into line with THE CRYPT timeline and political structure. I had some great consulting on this one from Junkies who served in the US Military, for which I am grateful.

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  1. Bandit

    I love this story but I kept waiting for Chuckles “The Attorney for the Damned” to come up to Marcus and tell him how to get out of his contract with the passenger virus.

    I tried playing this story to my pre-teen kids a couple years ago on the way to Boston to see Scott do a reading for the Ancestor release. I had to turn it off. My 11 year old couldn’t handle the sounds of the cannabalism. Good times.

  2. Twainy

    Hmmm I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t hear that all too familiar voice reading this story segment. Suppose you are too rich & famous & busy for that? I saw the boxes of platinum in the crib video. Alex has a nice voice. Did you need to interview readers? I’ve got a kindle version of this book. I love this story! Prefer audiobooks. I hope there’s an audio for Pandemic or someone has agreed to read it to me while I work. I missed out on the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course & I won’t be able to take time off. Can you make it clear somewhere in the future posts how long the video is? It would help me multitask. How’s that for a cluttered 10 random thought paragraph? I’m sleepy. x

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