Eusocial Networking, Part 1

Welcome to a new novella. This time out, EUSOCIAL NETWORKING, a story set in the 7th SON universe of J.C. Hutchins. If you like bugs you’ll love this (and if you hate them, it will scare your undergarments right off).

Narrated by our buddy Veronica Giguere.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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    1. Gmorky

      What Greg said!!! Veronica Giguere has an awesome voice for this story.
      I’ll admit that I was dubious of having other people read the stories, but it’s so neat to be able to hear the “sigler voice” through the text of the story, even though someone else is reading it.

      More Veronica. And now I have to go see if she’s read on Nobilis’ podcast, because… yeah, voice of butter.

  1. Greg Preston

    Have to admit, I heard it before, but a great story; can’t wait for the next episode. J.C. Hutchins 7th son trilogy is highly recommended for you current day sci-fi lovers (as apposed to the GFL, taking place ~500 yrs in the future, which I also love). Imagine, not identical twins, not identical triplets, but identical heptuplets (?sp), all of whom grew up separate, and are re-united to capture and kill their evil alpha clone. Dr. G says check in out!

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