This week’s tale comes from the GFL era of the Siglerverse, but a deeper, darker, more dangerous corner. If the victors write the history books, this is a story about what happens when history’s losers learn their own off-book version of things.
Just two more stories in BONES ARE WHITE after this week one-parter. Enjoy!

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  1. ratman19

    I am sorry to leave this comment here but I don’t know where else to leave it in order to get an answer. I’ve tried posting this in the forums but months go by without a response so I am assuming no one sees it.

    My question is – When are the paperback versions of The All-Pro and The MVP going to be released? The date all over the web was today October 1st 2013 for The All-Pro so I excitedly went to Barnes and Noble just to find out that they do not have it and they have none in the warehouse or any idea when it will be coming.

    Any accurate information would be appreciated. My son and I got our hopes up…..

    1. A Sigler

      We’ve switched distributors, and are sorting out the publication of both THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP now. Before we could settle on a publication date, the current distributor had to take the book out of circulation, which happened September 30th.

      While I don’t yet have a new date, I can tell you I’m hoping they’ll be available on Amazon by early December and they’ll both come out at the same time.

      1. ratman19

        Thank you for the response. Disappointing but I am sure there is a reason for the last minute changes. If I remember correctly Amazon and B&N originally marked them as to be released in August but later pushed it to October 1st.

        I am happy to wait (gives us something to look forward to) but it is frustrating to keep telling my son a certain date and to watch him get disappointed when that date comes and goes. Sigler book release dates have become something him and I look forward to and bond over.

        Sigler is my sons favorite author (and mine) but he is young and doesn’t understand how much work is involved in publishing and distributing a book.

        Please keep us posted on the release date when it becomes more clear.

        Thank you

  2. Jay Ryan

    I’ve been a junkie through 3 websites now. I like the look of this site, but there’s one thing that has my underwear in a bunch. 🙂 The download link does not show up on my phone or tablets. I know that there are more important things, but I use the site every weekend for this to get my fix and now I have to use a computer and transfer the file over.

    Most of the time I download the newest episode on the road so it’d be nice to be able to do that again.

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