Passenger, Part 3

And now the conclusion of our military-sf novella PASSENGER. Marcus Crowley was shot through the heart (and you’re to blame, amiright?) and thought he was a gonner, but awakens to find himself not only alive, but on the move — and he’s not the one controlling his own motions. 

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Here they be, Jack (or Jill).
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  1. Twainy

    Love it! I may need to go listen again! I actually read these collections, are they on audio somewhere (besides podcasted)? OMG NOCTURNAL AUDIO!! Cannot wait! AND Pandemic audio WHEN the book comes out so I don’t have to crack the spine of my pre-order! Pristine! YAY! It’s gonna be like Christmas for months!!! When should we start stalking Audible Dot Com looking for pre-orders? SO EXCITED! 🙂 x

  2. agent_minivann

    I loved the part where Marcus is described as a machine. I was just waiting for you to drop the term “Motor Program” when describing movements and skills. It is more correct jargon than the pop term “muscle memory”, and it would have been perfect for that part of the story.

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