Passenger, Part 2

Our CRYPT-era tale continues with Part 2 of the novella “Passenger. Our recon team crash-landed on Vee-Seven just before SAM fire tore into their troop carrier. Duck is dead. Chesque and Nguyen are MIA. Jennings has lost a leg and is screaming for help. Sgt. Marcus Crowley tries to keep the survivors together. Can Cheryl and Psycho stay alive long enough to help him complete the mission?

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  1. Twainy

    Nice voice but no FDO … Tufo has Sean, Maberry has Ray, The FDO will find a signature voice, won’t he … I suppose we’ll know it when we hear it … back to the story … One of my favorites (of course) … Bloody disgusting carnivorous violence … Just the way I like it! x

    1. scottsigler

      I thought Alec and his producer did an excellent job, but in the end he doesn’t seem to be the right fit for my style of storytelling. I think a lot of this is putting the right singer with the right guitarist: both can be excellent at what they do, but there’s got to be that inexplicable chemistry.

      1. ratman19

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I fully respect Alec and can clearly tell he has talent. I think there was just a disconnect in regards to your style of storytelling and his style. There were plenty of instances where I found myself missing the suspense/drama/comedy that you are able to put into your podcasts.

        With that said, I am enjoying the different vocal performances each week. Everyone that has read your stories have there own style and it is fun to listen to their take on the story.

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