BLOOD IS RED Episode #7: The Great Snipe Hunt, Part 2

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“The Great Snipe Hunt, Part 2”

Nature abhors a vacuum. Still.

This is part two, wrapping up the story started last week.

Also doing some final wrap-up work today on Shipping Hell Week for THE MVP. Although, it’s not really a week anymore. And with two dozen or more Junkies coming to help … not really hellish either.

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  1. rgelb

    So I went for my walk at 11pm.  I figured I’ll catch up on Sigler’s podcasts.  

    This is a HORRIBLE story to listen to at night with only a half moon to illuminate the street.  I nearly freaking shit my pants before I got home.  
  2. scottsigler

    It’s a similar concept to WOLFEN, for sure. I came at it from a different angle (literally, an episode of CHEERS spawned this idea), but the “nature hiding among us” angle rings strong in both.

  3. RapidEye

    Yeah, the LA Snipes aren’t a problem – too coked up.

    As badassed as the NYC snipes are, its those banjo playin’, redneck, cousin kissin’, hillbilly West Virginia snipes you really got to watch out for.  With gas at $4.00/gal, all of those dead possums and squirrels by the side of the road didn’t happen by just pickup trucks.
    Just sayin’……
  4. RapidEye

    That quote is from one of the funniest movies ever made – Stripes.

    It was said by Bill Murray to the rest of his platoon right before they go out and “cram” for their graduation drills the next day.  One of the all time greatest speeches followed by the best drill routine =-)

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