BLOOD IS RED Episode #6: The Great Snipe Hunt, Part 1

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“The Great Snipe Hunt, Part 1”

Nature abhors a vacuum. I love this phrase (despite the fact that is is a personification of an abstract concept — there is no “Gaia,” I tell you). But where there are available resources, there is often life, and cities are teeming with available resources. They are also rife with shelter from the elements and places to hide, if an animal is smart enough to use them.

This is one of my favorite stories. I first podcast this back in 2007 for the Dawn & Drew show, one of the first podcasts to develop a big audience. Also, they both rock.

Like most of the stories in the BLOOD IS RED colleciton, I gave “Snipe Hunt” a solid edit. I wrote the story over ten years ago, so I want to brush up the polish brought on my by more-developed writing skillz.

This is a long-time Junkie favorite, and I hope you enjoy it.

The “Wicked Women” challenge at

Check out the stops at And, no, I can’t add other cities. Sorry, Junkies!

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  1. NoBoutAdoubtIt

    Slapped “Blood Is Red” on my Kindle over the weekend, didn’t realize there was a teaser for the next Earthcore installment included… it made me a *very* happy camper.

  2. CleverScreenName

    This wasn’t one of my favorites the first time around. The premise, while original and creative, always struck me as a bit silly.

    I’m looking forward to the author’s note, though. Maybe if I have a glimpse inside the FDO’s head when he came up with the concept, I’ll have a better appreciation for it.

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